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A Fille du Roy (King’s Daughter) tells you about her life by raising diverse subjects of her everyday life.

Within the framework of the activities offered by À la Rencontre des Filles du Roy, we offer a conference on the life in New France, specifically on the young women called the Fille du Roy who bravely crossed the ocean to get married in the 17th Century.


Make known the contribution of the Filles du Roy (King’s Daughters) in the colony of New France in the 17th century and its history. A period of questions is also planned.


  • Learn the context of the life of the Filles du Roy (King’s Daughters)
  • Their departure from France
  • Speak about their recruitment
  • Tell their journey across the sea
  • Give an overview of their lodging in New France, what they ate, their lifestyle on a daily basis, their clothes, etc.